Broadlink Automation kit

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Automate your grow space with a Broadlink automation kit.

What's in the box ? 


The BroadLink HTS2 Sensor Accessory adds the functions of temperature and humidity to you universal Wifi and RF remote with Automations. Just Connect it to the RM4 mini or Pro replacing the existing USB cable just like an ordinary cable. It will monitor temperature and humidity of the room.

If you have already configured your RM4 successfully in the BroadLink app with its own USB cable, just replace the cable with the HTS2 sensor cable, the app will display the temperature and humidity automatically. If this is the first time you set up the RM4, just connect the sensor cable between the RM4 mini and power adapter, then simply follow the wizard in the app.

**Works with RM4 Mini and RM4 Pro.

The HTS2 sensor is integrated into the USB cable nice and small, you want even notice its there if you don’t look for it. It detects the indoor temperature and humidity which can be displays it on your phone or used for automations. It can turn on your Air conditioner on or off keeping your environment at a desired temperature all the time.


With RM4 Mini, you can control your room with your mobile phone

Control all IR devices from smart phone and voice Automate scenes by triggering from sensors. Set time switches for your home appliances according to your living habits, such as turning the air conditioner on/off at regular intervals. If you are not at home, you can also turn home appliances on/off through your mobile phone or check the status of the electrical switch in real time. Use with temperature and humidity external sensor to achieve IFTTT, turning on the air conditioner when temperature rises.

Infrared remote control with a linear distance of 8 to 15 meters, wide coverage.



Broadlink SP2 IN SA 3 Prong Smart Plug turns your ordinary appliances into smart devices.

The Broadlink SP2 Smart Plug allows you to control your appliances via Wi-Fi through the app manually and automatically.