Chikamasa Pruning Scissors

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The Chikamasa B-500SLF Pruning Scissors are high-quality and allow growers to trim and prune plants as and when required. Chikamasa’s ergonomic handles and lightweight design helps reduce hand-aching that can be caused by trimming. High quality steel blades ensure clean cutting with no pulling or tearing of branches.

The Japanese art of pursuing perfection is emulated in these high-quality trimming scissors. The material is stronger, less prone to breakage and stays sharper compared to cheap material based cutting equipment. Having high-quality equipment ensures you are not buying new shears constantly.

High Quality Japanese Stainless-Steel/Carbon-Steel blades. Using High-Quality materials means that the equipment is stronger and less prone to breakage like cheap material based cutting equipment, as well as staying sharper. Having high-quality equipment ensures you are not buying new shears constantly, which the false economy of cheap equipment is.

Lightweight and ergonomic grip. Comfort of use and lightness provides stress free and fatigue reducing performance.

Stainless Steel Rivet reduces resistance in the shears, meaning smoother action.

Fluorine coated blades. Fluorine coating helps to prevent any sap sticking to the blades. Preventing sap from sticking to the blades means easier cleaning/maintenance and better performance.

Trimming/shearing specific range. The shape and style of pruners/shears has been designed specifically for simplicity of use and best performance.

  • High quality Japanese stainless-steel blades
  • Lightweight ergonomic grip handle
  • Stainless steel rivet
  • Open handles adding higher comfort levels
  • Fluorine coated blades
Brand Chikamasa
Weight 42g
Total Length 155mm
Blade Length 35mm
Material Blade - High quality stainless steel with fluorine coating
Handle - Elastomer