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6" - Dimensions: 153cm x 483cm Durable Pyrex Glass Tube All Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction, Internal and External Reflectors included. 95%+ reflective highly polished and textured aluminum No Hot-Spots Straight Flow Design Allows for Maximum Inline Air Cooling Pulse Rated Mogul Socket fits both MH and HPS Lamps/Bulbs Can Be Used Horizontally or Vertically Compatible with our: 400w, 600w, 1000w Ballasts and Bulbs.

8"-  diameter by 19? long accommodates most lamp types up to 1000W. Internal and external reflectors included. The most compact and effective way to get bright light over, or in your growing area. Streamlined design allows cooling airflow to move unimpeded, keeping growing area temperatures lower and allowing you to position your lamp very close to your plants. Ideal for enclosed growth chambers. Can Be Used Horizontally or Vertically.