Plant YoYo's (12pcs)

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The Ultimate Plant Trainers.

  • They are very handy little doodads. you can get by using ties and popsicle sticks, but these are so very handy.
  • These can help you out when your plants could no longer support themselves and started falling on each other and snapping branches.
  • You will love that these have the button built-in, the other ones that are a separate piece you have to jam in are a pain in the butt, and they also don't last as long. You could also use string or wire to accomplish something similar, but the plant yoyos have a unique ability that makes them far superior to other methods.
  • They can be used to train pants to grow in a specific direction, to pull branches out of the way of others, or just to support heavy parts of the plants.
  • The button toggles between locking the clear string in place at a specific length, or keeping it under constant tension.