TBC Medical Planter

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The Planter was designed by growers for growers, the main selling point of The Ez-Pz Planter is that it’s a Universal System that can be used in countless applications from small grow tents to large commercial growing operations. They’re 100% Expandable, whether you need 1 or 1,000, the Ez-Pz Planter Growing System is for you!

The Medical Planter™ is the World’s First and Only Patent Pending Medical Grade Planter made with FDA and EPA Approved Plastics. With the same unique design of our Ez-Pz Planters, The Medical Planters keep your planters disease free and your plants healthy by eliminating 99.95% of E-Coli, Mold and Algae in just 24 Hours! The Medical Planter is clinically tested to ensure NO E-Coli, Mold and Algae form along the walls of the planter keeping your growing medium safe from any harmful bacteria or pathogens.

for more information on this product please visit : https://www.thebucketcompany.com/the-medical-planter/