Vitalink 100% Coir (50L)

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100% Coir growing media

VitaLink 100% Coir is a buffered coco coir media which is ideal for drip irrigation and passive hydroponic systems. You can also use 100% Coir as a hand-watered growing media or as a peat alternative in potting mixes.

Our coco coir media contains fulvic and humic acids which act as chelating agents to facilitate nutrient uptake. In our trials this has promoted faster flowering in some varieties of plants.

VitaLink 100% Coir is a coarse grade which helps to maintain a good structure. The Coir is supplied with a lower moisture content than competitor products, so the bag feels lighter which means that when wetting up with nutrient solution prior to transplant, it will hold more. More available nutrient means faster establishment!